Which Balance Bike should you choose?

Which Balance Bike should you choose?

Choosing the right balance bike for your one to four year-old child can be a daunting prospect. We sympathise; we have a variety of excellent quality balance bikes from four different manufacturers: Frog, Specialized, Squish, and Woom.

Here's a brief summary highlighting the main differences to make it easier to choose the right balance bike.


Frog Tadpole
Frog offer three models each with adjustable saddles and handlebars, aiming for a comfortable fit for children with an inside leg measurement spanning 23 to 39cm.

Their bikes are made of aluminium alloy, weigh between 3.46 and 4.18kg, and feature sturdy aluminium wheels. Additionally, they have child-friendly, easy-reach adjustable alloy lever brakes.

Specialized Hotwalk
The single Hotwalk model from Specialized supports children with ~31 to 40cm inside leg measurements. This bike combines aluminium and steel in its construction.

It has a very low entry frame design making it easy for young children to 'board' the bike plus it has a built-in footrest for coasting.

A downside is that it is on the slightly heavier side at 4.23kg. Notably, it has no brakes so is only suitable for very flat locations!

The single Squish balance bike model is designed for children with 30 to 36cm inside leg measurements. This bike uses a combination of aluminium and steel for the frame and weighs a low 3.86kg.

It has child-friendly, easy-to-reach levers and a saddle with a nice adult handle at the back to provide a steady hand - or to make carrying the bike easier!

Woom have two models catering to children with 26 to 38cm inseam measurement. The bikes are made from aluminium alloy, with the Woom 1 model featuring a low entry frame design. The Woom 1 is a very light 3kg whilst the Woom 1 Plus is the heaviest in our selection at 4.45kg.

Both versions have easy-reach brake levers, with the Woom 1 Plus model including front and back brakes! A footrest is also included in the Woom Plus model.


In summary, Frog bikes have a customisable fit for rider comfort, Specialized's Hotwalk is easy to board and sturdy although has no brakes, the Squish is simple and lightweight, and Woom provides a lightweight option with added safety features such as front and back brakes on their Plus model.

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