Which First Pedal Bike should you choose?

Which First Pedal Bike should you choose?

Selecting the right first pedal bike for your child can be a challenge with many manufacturers out there. Our selection of bikes is refined - as we carefully select bikes to help children to be more active and love cycling.

First Pedal Bikes have 14", 16" & 18" wheels and a single speed for simplicity.

All our First Pedal Bikes are carefully designed exclusively for children, are light weight and excellent quality so choosing the correct bike for a child from our selection can be an exercise in comparing intricate details.

Here’s a brief overview of the differences between various bike manufacturers:


Their range includes the Cubley series in three sizes. These bikes have an aluminium alloy/chromoly frame with a low step-over, catering to kids with a 43 to 54cm inside leg measurement. The bikes are on the heavier side (compared only to our bikes!), with weights ranging from 6.12 to 7.56kg.

They have integrated handlebars and stems, with a saddle adjustable via rails, and their seat height adjustments vary by model. The wheels are alloy with standard nutted attachments, and they feature easy-to-adjust linear pull rim brakes.

Offering the Frog 40, 44, and 47, these bikes cover an inside leg measurement of 36 to 56cm. The Frog series presents a consistent aluminium alloy construction with low step-overs and weights ranging from 6.39 to 6.75kg.

They have flat handlebars with height-adjustable stems and slim grips for small hands. The wheels are aluminium with Allen key bolts making removing them a breeze. Brakes are easily adjustable reach alloy levers with linear pull rims.

The Jett 16 is their single offering in this range, designed for children with approximately 46 to 56cm inside leg measurements. The bike has an alloy low step-over frame and is the heaviest in our collection at 7.11kg.

The Jett 16 stands out with its wide 580mm flat handlebar and no steering limiter. The wheels are also alloy with standard nutted attachments, and the bike has adjustable reach levers with a linear pull rim brake system.

The bike is not compatible with training wheels or stabilizers.

Squish offers three bicycle models, accommodating kids with 40 to 53cm inside leg measurements. These bikes are moderately light, weighing between 5.83 and 6.66kg.

They feature flat handlebars, height-adjustable stems, and partial to complete chainguards depending on the model. The wheels are made of alloy and are standard nutted, with easy-to-adjust linear pull rim brakes.

The Woom 2 and Woom 3 cater to a slightly larger inside leg measurement range of 40 to 63cm. These are the lightest bikes, with weights of 5 and 6.1kg respectively. Woom bikes offer BMX style handlebars for a very upright riding position and a frame-mounted steering limiter. Their saddle is fixed onto the seat post so no tilt adjustment or fore and aft.

Woom bikes also have aluminium wheels, easy-to-adjust reach plastic levers, and linear pull rim brakes. The rear brake lever coloured green for visibility and safety.

They include complete chainguards and are not compatible with training wheels or stabilizers.


Each brand brings something different to the table - the final choice depends on the specific needs and preferences of the child, considering factors like the step-over height for ease of mounting and dismounting, weight, and safety features like chainguards and brakes.

Whichever kids bike you decide to choose - it will be an amazing bike!

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