Which Hybrid Bike should you choose?

Which Hybrid Bike should you choose?

Navigating the world of hybrid bikes for kids can be as complex as the gears on the bikes themselves. Let’s break down the main differences between the hybrid bike offerings from Forme, Frog, Specialized, Squish, and Woom.


Forme presents the Kinder series with 20 and 24-inch models. These bikes are suited for children with an inside leg measurement of 52 to 67cm. They are slightly heavier than others in our collection, with weights ranging from 8.47 to 9.34kg

Notable features include a limited height-adjustable stem and quick-release wheels. Forme also offers an innovative Sureshifter extension to aid children in changing gears more easily - ideal for smaller riders.

Frog have a wider range with five models catering to a broad range of riders, from 52 to over 76cm inside leg measurements. Weights vary from 8.15 to 10kg, and the bikes feature a height-adjustable stem and slim grips for smaller hands. Frog bikes are equipped with quick-release aluminium wheels and Microshift standard shifters and derailleurs with 8-speed gear systems, designed for easy manoeuvring.

There are three hybrid models in the Jett series all with a very low step-over design, that serve riders with an approximate inside leg measurement of 55 to 67cm. Weights are listed at 8.62 to 9.5kg including a useful kickstand.

They sport high-rise handlebars with adjustable stems and trigger shifters. Wheels have nuts rather than quick release. A unique feature of Specialized is the inclusion of a 20-inch model without gears, emphasizing simplicity and ease of use.

In our opinion, the Specialized Jett range is the best kids bike offering from one of the big bike brands. 

There are two models - Squish 20 and 24, suitable for leg measurements between 54 to 66cm. These bikes are relatively lightweight, ranging from 7.79 to 8.63kg. They offer a height-adjustable stem and quick-release alloy wheels.

The gear system includes Shimano derailleurs paired with Microshift triggershift shifters, indicating a focus on reliable and responsive gear changes.

Woom has three models that accommodate a wide range of children, with inside leg measurements from 57 to over 76cm. Woom bikes are the lightest on the list, with weights starting from 7.7kg up to 9.7kg. They feature an integrated handlebar stem with novel adjustment mechanisms, quick-release aluminum wheels, and Microshift twist shifters (our only bikes with twist shifters) with Microshift derailleurs for the gear system.

Additionally, they offer side wear protection on the saddle and a green-colored rear brake lever for safety and visibility.

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