About YallaCycle

YallaCycle isn't just a bike shop; it's a revolutionary cycling experience birthed in Dubai, UAE, by the British founders and seasoned cyclists, Claire and Ian.

Identifying a cycle of underused children's bicycles in the vibrant hub of Dubai — whether outgrown, awaiting repairs, or seasonally unused — Claire and Ian envisioned a greener, sustainable future where every child has a bike that grows with them. Through keen observation and deep understanding of the cycling landscape, they realized that to foster a lifelong love for cycling, children needed bikes that were not just age-appropriate but perfectly tailored to suit an individual's size and needs.

Thus, YallaCycle went beyond being just a bike shop to offer an innovative cycle subscription service, delivering premium quality, perfectly fitted bikes right to your doorstep. A dream for parents and a joy for children, our subscriptions remove the common hurdles in the cycle of bike usage, encouraging more children to embrace the joy of cycling without concerns over outgrowing or maintaining their bikes.

In our inaugural year of steering young adventurers on their cycling journeys, we have meticulously amassed an unparalleled assembly of premium, lightweight children's bike brands, perhaps the most extensive collection seen across the Middle East and Africa. Through deep collaboration and heartfelt connections with numerous families and young riders, we have sculpted our subscription offerings to align seamlessly with their actual needs, fashioning not just a service, but a harmonious cycling experience that grows with the child.

This is more than a business endeavour; it is our passionate commitment to fostering joy, freedom, and the spirit of exploration in every young rider. Our mission is clear: to stand as the beacon of excellence, guiding families to the perfect cycling solutions, characterized by quality, comfort, and an enduring promise of satisfaction. At YallaCycle, we’re not just providing bikes; we’re crafting lifelong memories, one ride at a time. 

Sophie and her spotty Frog 53 bike.

Meet Sophie — Our Chief Tester!

Spearheading our quality assurance is the enthusiastic chief tester, Sophie. Embarking on her cycling journey at four with a Frog 47, she now masters the paths on a Squish 24. Sophie represents the vibrant spirit of our cycling community, illustrating the joy, freedom, and everyday adventure YallaCycle promotes in active kids.