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Forme Cubley 18

Forme Cubley 18

  • For children aged 5 to 6 years old
  • Fits an inseam of 50 to 54cm. How to measure your child
  • Free Delivery & Fitting (+free exchanges if the wrong size)
  • Wheel Size: 18" | Bike Weight: 7.56kg

The Cubley 18 is one of the lightest bikes in the world for its price point and specification! Less weight helps smaller riders start easier, accelerate faster, and handle the bike with more control. The bike is perfect for roads, gravel and grass.

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Delivery & Fitting

Bike delivery within the UAE is free and will normally happen within one or two days.

Once you have placed an order, we will contact you on the same day to arrange the delivery and fitting day and time.

The fitting process ensures the rider is appropriately fitted to the bicycle based upon their experience level. When required, we will also demonstrate how to adjust the bike as your child grows.

Should the rider not be there at delivery (for example, the bike is a gift), we will provide advice on how to adjust the bike for the child.

We will also advise how to tell when the bike is outgrown and time for a replacement.

Need more than one bike? Learn about our Sibling Saver.

Our Sibling Super Saver discounts apply to all subscription types (monthly and annual) and suit customers who need bikes for more than one child.

The discounts are provided automatically at checkout when ordering more than one bike at the same time. Customers who already have one of our bikes and are ordering another, please contact us for assistance.

  • For 2 subscriptions, we provide a 10% discount off the total cost.
  • For 3+ subscriptions, we provide 15% off the total cost.

Subscription Terms & Conditions

Everything about our Bike Subscriptions including our Terms & Conditions:

Subscription Definition

We use the word ‘subscribe’ or ‘subscription’ to cover renting, subscriptions and leasing. To us, they all mean the same thing however with different time durations.

Our standard subscription plan is a rolling monthly rental, paid by the Customer each month.

The Bicycle

The bicycle provided to you will be new or nearly new – and probably less than two years old. All bikes will be cleaned, safety checked and, if not new, be serviced prior to being delivered to you.

There may be minor, cosmetic scratches and scuffs on the bike and/or components.

Subscription Term

The minimum subscription term is one month.

If you want a bike for a shorter period, the price remains the same however dates for delivery and collection can cover a shorter period as per your need.

During the first month's subscription, our team will be in touch to arrange future payments.

Bike Swap

We understand that your child could outgrow the bicycle so we offer a free bike swap where we replace the bike for a larger model.  

Should your child exceed the maximum adjustment for saddle of their first bike, then they may be ready for the next size. Rather than force the child to ride a bike too small for them, we can swap the bike for a larger model. There is no charge for a bike swap.

Please contact us when your child has outgrown their current bike to arrange the swap.

Multiple children – Sibling Saver Discount 

We provide discounts for families requirement more than one bike - see Sibling Saver Discount.


VAT of 5% is applicable on purchases of all rental plans and related services.

Payment Confirmation

After you have placed your order, you will receive a payment confirmation to your email. Normally this takes a matter of minutes however could take up to 24 hours. Please contact us if you don't receive this email.

Identity Documents

Our sight of the Customer's original Passport or Emirates ID may be required for all subscriptions – no exceptions.

YallaCycle will take copies of the Customer’s identity documents and store them for the duration of the rental.

Please contact us if you have any queries.


Once delivered until the point of collection, the bike is your responsibility.

Basic maintenance such as washing, oiling the chain and repairing punctures are your responsibility. Should there be any other problem with the bicycle, please contact us immediately.

We recommend storing the bike inside your property and not in your garden or car port. All the components will operate better if not exposed continuously to heat, sun and sand.

Storing inside significantly reduces the risk of it being stolen. Should the bicycle be stolen – please contact us immediately. You will also need to obtain a police report.


See Shipping Policy.


As part of the hand-over, we will fit the bike to your child to ensure their riding experience and comfort is maximised. We will also explain how to adjust the bike to match growth of your child.

Travel Abroad

Taking the bike abroad is not permitted. Depending upon your travel location, we can recommend alternative children's bike rental companies. Contact us for details. 


Contact us if you wish to cancel your order.

If you cancel on the same day of the order, no cancellation fee will be applied. You will be refunded in full.

If you cancel after the first day and up to the scheduled point of delivery of the bicycle, an administration fee of 150AED will apply (to cover our administrative costs and losses due to bike being reserved).

If you wish to cancel after delivery of the bike, please contact us to arrange collection. You will have the use of the bike until the next due payment date. Scheduled future payments will be cancelled.

Refunds will be made back to the original mode of payment used by the customer. Please allow for up to 30 days for the refund transfer to be completed.

Refunds for Annual Subscriptions or multiple Month Subscriptions paid in advance, will be calculated on a pro rata basis using the full monthly price (minus any promotional discount).

See Terms of Service.

YallaCycle Handover Checklist

During collection, we will conduct a bicycle inspection to capture any damage following your subscription. We can provide you with a copy of the YallaCycle Handover Checklist. Should the damage exceed our reasonable usage definition, you will be charged to rectify the issue.

Reasonable Usage Definition

We understand that kids will be kids when using toys and bikes are no different. We expect they will get minor scuffs and cosmetic scratches during longer rentals.

Reckless usage is not acceptable. Examples include:

  • frame, forks, seat post and wheels to become dented or scratched through layers of the paint,
  • seat or handlebar grips to be torn,
  • wheels become buckled such that they don't rotate easily.

In the event of damage caused by reckless usage, it is the Customer's responsibility to rectify the issue.

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  • Monthly Subscription Plan

    Monthly subscriptions are ideal for first time riders, people wishing to try our service or experience a premium bike and visitors to Dubai.

    1. Choose a bike and order a 'Monthly Subscription'
    2. We will deliver the bike and fit it to the rider
    3. Your child enjoys riding their bike!
    4. At the end of the subscription period, we contact you about renewing. You can pay online, via payment link or via bank transfer.
    5. You can cancel anytime
  • Annual Subscription Plan

    Annual Subscriptions are ideal for parents who want to keep their children riding a perfect bike without the hassle of replacement. As children grow, we swap bikes to ensure they're always on the perfect sized bike!

    1. Choose a bike and order an 'Annual Subscription'
    2. We will deliver the bike fit it to the rider
    3. Your child enjoys riding their bike!
    4. When the bike becomes outgrown, contact us and we will swap it for the next size
    5. At the end of the subscription period, we contact you about renewing. You can pay online, via payment link or via bank transfer.
    6. You can cancel anytime
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